Barn_Owl_FaceTomar Owl Sanctuary is a charity that cares for injured and abandoned owls and birds.

Run by Tom and Margaret Tyrell since 1990, over 10,000 animals have been rescued and many returned to their natural habitat.

Now we need your help to continue this work.

The Sanctuary rescues all injured or unwanted Owls and Birds of Prey, also all cage and aviary birds, no birds rescued are sold, WE DO NOT SELL BIRDS. 
If we collect the Birds all we ask is a small fee to cover costs of fuel etc.

It costs over £15,000 a year, and this money comes purely from sponsorship and private contributions.

If you were to walk around the sanctuary * the eyes and ears can be treated to many different colours and sounds from all kinds of birds and animals rarely seen outside zoos. All types of owls - Barn, Tawny, Little, Snowy and Eagle - as well as parrot-type birds, rare breed sheep, Vietnamese Pot Belly pigs, Squirrel, Hedgehog and many many more.Owl_in_Flight

* Due to laws, regulations and licensing we do not open to the public as we would need expensive licences etc. We feel the money is better spent caring for the birds and animals we rescue and release

We at the Sanctuary will continue to rescue owls, birds of prey and wildlife. An ever increasing number are brought to us by all kinds of people.

Donations to this cause are exceptionally welcome and ensure that we can pursue our work.